Market In A Minute – Edgewater Arms

Edgewater Arms, Dunedin FL Here is what you can observe in the “Market In A Minute” chart below: Sold prices are increasing Sold price/sf is increasing Sales volume, if continued at present pace, will exceed 2011 Price and value overlay indicating appreciation is imminent If you have interest in Edgewater Arms and would like to … Continue reading

Palm Harbor FL – Alderman Ridge (Home sales data)

MARKET IN A MINUTE – Alderman Ridge, Palm Harbor FL (Home sales datta)What you will see:1. Ripple effect2. Concurring trends3. Opportunity Here is what you can observe in the “Market In A Minute” chart above:Ripple Effect: Absence of the Ripple Effect suggests the escalated purchase activity in 2005 and 2006 may still be systemic. The composition of recent sales events … Continue reading

Tenants living in a home for sale – advise?

Anyone have tenants living in the home they are selling? Advice? As you know, the best situation in selling a home is to have a vacant home. The owner, however, being unable to deliver this situation needs to understand how truly vulnerable they are in this situation. Tenant occupied homes are the gift that keeps on … Continue reading

Health and Fitness – Dunedin Fl

Santa and the ‘FINISH BIG’ story This is a Dunedin Florida adventure story. Any weekend presents the potential for you to create your own, Finish Big tale. As the sun rises my training routine begins. This morning’s routine starts with five miles of slow running to warm up in the pre-dawn light. At the end … Continue reading